All Game Modes Revealed for Soul Calibur VI

After revealing Cervantes’s return to the Soul Calibur roster, Bandai-Namco has seen fit to announce exactly what modes Soul Calibur VI will offer its players at launch. According to the trailer below, all the basic modes one would expect are present along with a couple of extras fans will probably appreciate.

At launch, Soul Calibur VI will offer five single-player  modes, two multiplayer modes, and two extra modes. Single-player modes include Arcade, Story, Versus, Training, Mission. Arcade functions much like it did in previous Soul Calibur games, wherein player choose a character and fight through a series of matches to reach that fighter’s ending.  Story, titled “Soul Chronicle,” contains the main campaign for this entry, and it appears to also be customized for each character. Versus mode allows for individual fights against computer-controlles opponents or local players; Training mode is exactly what it sounds like: a mode built to help players hone their skills and combos.

Mission, or “Libra of Soul,” looks a lot like Soul Calibur II’s “Weapon Master” mode, in that it offers players a series of different challenges laid out across a large map. Players can use their custom-made characters in this mode, but it’s unknown if they’ll be collecting equipment and upgrades like they did in Soul Calibur II.

Soul Calibur VI’s online modes are divided into “ranked” and “casual” matches, with options to view one’s individual rankings and replay previous matches. The two extra modes this time are “Creation,” which continues the series’ tradition of offering players the ability to create their own fighters, and “Museum,” wherein players can review character sheets, read up on the series’ lore and possibly even more.

Soul Calibur VI launches for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on October 19, and it appears players who pre-order (in Japan at least) will get an additional costume for Sophitia.