All the Love and Romance in Terror Squid Valentine’s Day Trailer

There’s a belief that a trailer should have something, anything, to do with the game its representing.  This is clearly unnecessarily restrictive, as evidenced by Sony’s output over the years, but still generally reserved as a stunt for the bigger players who’ve already got brand recognition.  And then there’s Terror Squid, a forthcoming semi-vector-graphic arcade game for PC where you can’t stop moving while laying down a track of bullets behind you, which wouldn’t be a problem if the world wasn’t spherical.  It is, though, so anything you leave you’ll have to deal with eventually, hopefully after you’ve built up the power to detonate everything in a massive chain reaction.  Sure, there’s a nice gameplay trailer right here, but that’s normal.  Anyone can record some video and even toss in a subliminal image or two, but Terror Squid has bigger ambitions.  Terror Squid has a Valentine’s Day live-action trailer that’s got nothing to do with anything, and it’s a complete freakshow charming tale of two souls meeting in a bar.  Give it a look below, and um… good luck?

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