Amanita Design Announces Latest Game, Creaks

Ah, Amanita Design. Over the past decade, they’ve brought us such classics as Machinarium, Botanicula, and the Samorost games. And now they’ve announced their latest adventure, a mysterious title only known as Creaks. The announcement was accompanied by a teaser that you can check out below, which seems to be an intriguing departure from their usual fare.

Most notably, Creaks seems to be focusing more on a hand-drawn art style with an emphasis on detailed sketches, compared to Amanita’s previous work. In addition, it also appears to be more of a horror title, filled with various supernatural threats. Not much else is known about Creaks right now, not even the basic plot. “Meet your new neighbours” is what the video description simply says. Creaks is due out in 2019, and looks to be another stellar addition to Amanita’s lineup.