Amazing Kickstarter Celebrating Western EarthBound Fandom Begins

Fangamer has a track record of producing a. high quality nerdwear and acessories as well as b. beautiful retro game handbooks (like this one for Mother 3). They’re exactly the people you want spearheading a project to encapsulate the impact EarthBound had in the West and the sprawling fandom it spawned.

As such, they’re creating a wonderfully detailed EarthBound Handbook subtitled “Travel Eagleland the EarthBound Way!” The work will bring to light every detail, trick and intricacy of the game, including everything from detailed maps to fan theories. It’ll include at least 250 pages of content full of late-20th century pop culture ‘tude and the royally important and often overlooked scratch-n-sniff cards. Yes, seriously.

In addition to this, they’re creating a documentary titled EarthBound, USA which will include tons of interviews ranging from the localization director of the game to Double Fine’s Tim Schafer. It’ll detail how profoundly the game has impacted people’s lives and careers since its release, and will come out as a feature-length DVD or 2-disc Blu-Ray set.

If this wasn’t enough, Fangamer is also planning on having the BAD DUDES record music from the MOTHER series that’ll bring new life to familiar and nostalgic tunes. To go along with the album, the Psychokinetic Zine (remember zines?) will be 80 pages of fan-made art, writing and geekery.

The Kickstarter is seeking $100,000 for artist payments, travel and equipment expenses for the documentary, royalties and licensing fees for music and to cover postage.  $16 nets you a digital copy of just the handbook, $32 the whole shebang. $32 and $64 nets you physical copies of each. For a measly $8192, you can get added to the EarthBound, USA documentary in the form of a 30-second clip and  a custom named sprite, a yellow backpack, and a trip to Japan to experience MOTHER like never before.