Anarchy Reigns Gets Delay/Demo

Bad news for gamers hoping to get their hands on Anarchy Reigns, as Platninum Games has announced that the U.S. release has been delayed indefinitely.

According to Anarchy Reigns writer Jean Pierre Kellams,

Unfortunately… we don’t know when the game is coming out in the West. That’s up for Sega to decide. We worked really hard to make sure that everybody could get the game on time. The game is fully localized, if you buy the Japanese version or any version it’s going to have all the languages in it. We really wanted everybody online around the world to play together at the same time, but unfortunately that’s not going to happen.”

You know what that means. It’s time to import Max Anarchy.

The good news is the game will get a demo tomorrow (5/31) in the Japanese PSN Store that can be accessed with a Japanese PSN account. If you don’t have a Japanese PSN account, well, what kind of gamer are you?

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