Angry Video Game Nerd 1+II Deluxe Now Available on Nintendo Switch

James Rolfe has turned the Angry Nintendo Nerd into the Angry Video Game Nerd and changed the industry when it came to online video content. Since then, the AVGN character has starred in two games – and now, they’re making their way to the Switch after previously being on the PC and 3DS in the form of AVGN 1+II Deluxe. These 8-bit-inspired action-platformers blend some Mega Man-esque blasting and precision platforming. The first and second games were both great, but the second game had smoother controls and now the first game will benefit from that as it’s been rebuilt in that engine.

Both games have also been made more user-friendly, with normal and easy difficulties being added in and also giving you infinite lives. The stages have also been revamped a bit to be less cheap and more fair when it comes to hazards, and if you want things as they were before, just go with the Old School difficulty level and you’re set. Respawning has been made faster and there’s new content added in when you beat both games. At only $15 AVGN I+II Deluxe offers a lot of action for a fairly small price.

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