Animal Crossing: New Horizons Features Coming November 5

The October 15 Animal Crossing: New Horizons direct was a lot of fun and showcased new content to help get players back in the game. Brewster’s coffee house is being added to the museum, where players can enjoy meeting a few townsfolks that you normamlly wouldn’t interact with outside of certain areas. Kapp’n’s boat will also be used to not only be sung to by him, but also take players to a new island with different times of day.

Harv’s Island will also be a bigger part of the adventure, with a whole new island to help improve with new items to help build, and some new hairstyles for players. Group stretching will be added to your island’s morning activities – complete with motion control making it able for players to join in on the fun.

Players will also be able to enact ordinances to have island residents get up early, stay up later, or make them care more about beautifying the island. New DIY recipes will be added alongside new decorating skills being added to change the pattern of a single wall and put more things on ceilings. New fence types will be added alongside the ability to add more inclines and take it from eight to 10.

New camera modes allow the user have front angles within the world and enjoy new patterns for clothing. New furniture will be added to the Nook miles catalog and a new storage shed will allow players to store items they don’t need, while an ABD machine allows players to get money out in more locations. 12 more KK Slider songs will be released as well and they can be enjoyed in a new music box. All of this content will be free with the 2.0 version of the game – but new paid DLC will also be coming.


The Happy Home Designer DLC will allow players to create vacation homes for characters on remote islands. Some want home arcades, while others want a bear-filled homestead. Each new island stands out with different climates and that allows the player to better-tailor the home for the character. Players will be able to change up wallpaper, lighting, and even change up the yard. Different soundscapes can be added to provide a different feel to the room, and polishing enables things to look better than ever. Working for clients lets players work for a new currency that can be used on rare furniture. School, hospital, and restaurants can be designed as well. The Happy Home Paradise DLC launches on November 5 for $24.99 – but will be free to Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pass users.


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