Annapurna Interactive Announces Stray

Given how the PS4 established itself as a home for several notable indie games in its early days, it only makes sense that the reveal of PS5 would contain at least one major indie game as well. Enter hit indie publisher Annapurna Interactive with Stray, a new game from developers Bluetwelve. Not much has been revealed about the core gameplay yet, but the reveal trailer below paints a portrait of an impressive world to play in.

We see a world that appears to be inhabited entirely by robots, a gritty ubran landscape with machines that have old-school Macs for heads, neon-lit streets, all shown as a stray cat wanders around…and then we pull up at the end to find that, as the title suggests, we’re actually playing as the cat. It’s a unique angle and we’ll see if it pays off when Stray hits the PS5 in 2021, with no other platforms announced yet.

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