Another ’90s Adventure Icon Returns With Simon the Sorcerer Origins

While maybe on the exact level as, say, the Monkey Island games, Adventure Soft’s Simon the Sorcerer games were among some of the most notable point-and-click adventure games of the 1990s, delighting many PC and Amiga owners…and then, like Monkey Island and so many others, the series kind of crashed and burned in the 2000s with an ill-advised entry into 3D. And now, much like Monkey Island’s recently-announced return, Simon is finally coming back with Simon the Sorcerer Origins, set to come out next year in time for the franchise’s thirtieth anniversary.

Developed by Smallthing Studios and published by Leonardo Interactive, Origins – as the title suggests – takes place a few weeks before the first game and is set to answer some of the questions about the game’s world as we see Simon’s initial arrival into a world of magic. As seen in the announcement trailer below, the game is set to feature more modernized visuals, but will also have the same humor and variety of puzzles the older games had, with more info to be revealed soon. Simon the Sorcerer Origins is set for an Early 2023 release, and you can pick up the original trilogy on Steam and GOG in the meantime.

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