Another Alolan Form for Pokémon Sun and Moon Revealed Via CoroCoro

Pokémon Sun and Moon surprises aren’t even close to being finished. Just today, another Alolan form has been leaked from CoroCoro Magazine. The Pokémon this time is–Grimer. This first generation pocket monster thankfully receives an update. It’s lacked in the creative department for some time as a simple purple blob.

Now, in the upcoming Pokémon Sun and Moon versions, Grimer can terrorize the islands of Alola in brand new ways. It will be depicted in a slightly putrid green color with yellow ooze lining its chin. It even has a pair of teeth which could add more to its arsenal. The Alolan Grimer will be a Poison/Dark-type (a combination last seen in generation IV with Stunky, Skuntank and Drapion). This makes Grimer immune to Psychic attacks making it only weak to one other type– Ground. Both Grimer and its evolution, Muk, have been able to learn Dark-type attacks when leveling up such as Fling and Memento. Now, with new teeth, they will most likely learn Bite, Crunch, and maybe a couple of others. They couldn’t possibly hurt before but here in Alola, it will be devastating when bitten by a living sludge of gunk.

Take a look at the CoroCoro image below and stay tuned for Pokémon Sun and Moon news in the near future.