Anthem Inscriptions, Masterworks To Improve After Update

Yesterday, Anthem Lead Producer Ben Irving held a brief discussion on Reddit regarding newly-implemented changes to the game’s loot system. This patch specifically targets issues plaguing inscriptions and masterworks during Anthem’s first couple of weeks. The problems players had with both items were simple, and the update is rather straightforward as well.

For those who’ve been grinding Anthem’s end game over the last week or so, getting good loot has been a real pain; the key problem being useless inscriptions. In Anthem, masterworks drop with inscriptions attached. These give the masterwork item a unique and special quality that will, ideally, aid a player in battle. Unfortunately, most inscriptions weren’t useful on the masterwork items they were attached to, which meant grinding and grinding away until something decent dropped.

Irving laid out exactly what BioWare is doing to address this in today’s patch, and it sounds pretty good. Basically, inscriptions are going to be more useful. Newly dropped gear will either have an inscription that is specifically beneficial to it, or will have a global bonus for the whole Javelin. What they did basically boils down to limiting the inscription pools for each type of item; so loot should no longer drop with traits that have no business being applied to it.

Additionally, players above level thirty will no longer see uncommon and common item drops. The cost for crafting masterwork items has also been reduced from 25 masterwork embers to fifteen, meaning that crafting is a much more viable option.  There are likely still many other issues to resolve before Anthem’s loot game will be considered satisfactory by most players, but this is definitely a good place to start. Considering where Anthem currently stands, they’re going to have to keep this momentum going if they want to preserve most of their player base by the time Anthem gets its next major content drop.

Anthem is available now on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.