Anthem Joins EA Access and Origin Access

This past February saw the release of Anthem to mixed reviews, but a level of fan enjoyment that went beyond the flawed launch. The game had some bugs and didn’t quite deliver the world-changing experience some wanted. However, for those just seeking a third-person shooter with a heavy loot aspect to it, then the core game was a lot of fun. Jetpack play also allowed it to stand out compared to anything else out there then or now and it delivered rock-solid shooting action amid a confusing post-launch content rollout.

Flaws and all, the game is still quite a bit of fun. Before today, EA Access users on Xbox One and PS4 and Origin Access members on PC had access to 10 hours of action. Today, the full game can be played as it is now in the Vault where it will be available for the foreseeable future. For $5 a month or $30 a year, you can enjoy the full game alongside a ton of other EA games. So if you love a lot of what EA puts out or want to try out their library, then this is a great value. Xbox One users get the most bang for the buck as they can enjoy a lot of Xbox 360 games alongside some original Xbox games too.

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