Anuchard to Save Souls on April 21

There always seem to be certain folks who wonder when indie developers are going to give up on sprite-based graphics and move on to PS1-era polygons already, but ironically, a lot of developers who choose to pay homage to PS1 games do it with sprite-based graphics anyway. For example, there’s Anuchard, an ode to PS1 RPGs such as Legend of Mana from Indonesian developers stellarNull. And as seen in the trailer below, it’s a sprite-based dungeon crawler, and quite the impressive-looking one as well, set to come out later in April.

Set in the village of Orchard where several citizens have been lost to underground dungeons and things are falling apart, the game sees you playing as a Bellwielder, one who wields the Audros Bell and ventures into the dungeons to save people’s souls. Thankfully, the Audros Bell is powerful enough to knock back enemies and interact with various environmental elements to help you get through things. With each villager’s soul returned, a key member of Orchard helps with rebuilding things. Having had some hands-on time with the game before, it’s rather fun and has an intriguing world and unique enemy designs, among other highlights, so don’t miss out on Anuchard when it comes out for PC, XSX, XB1, and Switch on April 21.

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