Apple Introduces 8GB iPhone 5C, Discontinues iPad 2

Back in September 2013 Apple tried something bold.  Rather than making the 2012 iPhone 5 cheaper, they opted to release and all new iPhone.  Call the iPhone 5C, this plastic, colorful phone was meant to be a cheaper model that would help Apple break into the Chinese and Russian smartphone markets.  However, that backfired with the iPhone 5C becoming a commercial disappointment.

In an effort to recoup some of the losses, Apple is releasing a cheaper iPhone 5C model with only 8GB of storage.  It will retail in the UK for £429 unsubsidized by a carrier, down from £469 for the 16GB model.  Currently, the 8GB model has only been announced for the UK.

Apple also confirmed that they will be discontinuing the iPad 2.  Released in 2011, the iPad 2 has been the “cheap” iPad for a number of years even though it still came with the heft price tag of $399.99.  The fourth-generation iPad (Fall 2012) will take its place.

We’ll let you know if Apple announces any plans to bring the 8GB iPhone 5C to North America.