Arcade1Up Announces Larger PRO Series Cabinets, Adds to Legacy Line

Arcade1Up continues to bring an at-home arcade experience for players and expanding on titles. During CES 2022, the company announced a new PRO Series cabinet that better replicates a true arcade machine. The first cabinet will include Killer Instinct, which the company has released previously. This premium cabinet will include a larger screen, larger scale cabinet, and upgrade components including joysticks and buttons. This will also offer a matching riser and include wi-fi compatibility for online multiplayer.

Arcade1Up is also offering three new legacy cabinets. The first will be a re-release of the Mortal Kombat cabinet that will include wi-fi for the first time. The Atari Legacy cabinet will be the CENTIPEDE Edition, which will offer the shape and look of the original cabinet. Lastly, the BANDAI NAMCO PAC-MANIA will also include wi-fi for the first time as it offers real-time leaderboards. Each of these Legacy Edition cabinets will include 14 games and begin shipping this Spring. The Killer Instinct PRO Series cabinet will begin shipping this Summer.

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