Arcade1Up Simpsons Arcade Cabinet Pre-Orders Now Live

Arcade1Up has announced that its Simpsons Arcade Cabinet that was announced in recent months is now live. You are able to pre-order the cabinet through the Arcade1Up website. The cabinet will feature two games with the second game to be announced at a later date. The retail on this is $699.99 and players can choose from Homer, Bart, Marge or Lisa in this 1990’s classic title from Konami. The cabinet, itself, will feature artwork that is true to the original along with a matching riser, which increases the height of the machine, and a light-up marquee.

“Arcade1Up is excited to expand its family home game room offering with a modern lens on retro gaming and classic pop-culture game collection editions like The Simpsons” said Scott Bachrach, CEO of Tastemakers, LLC and Arcade1Up. “With over 2 million home arcade and pinball machines sold by Arcade1Up, fans of The Simpsons will enjoy bringing home the authentic arcade experience with endless gameplay.”

Up to four players can go through Springfield at once using the Live feature as the cabinet is online-enabled. No coins are required for play. The Simpsons Arcade Cabinet will also be available from partners Best Buy, Target and Gamestop.