Arcade1Up Unveils NFL Blitz Legends as Next Cabinet

Today, Tastemakers LLC revealed its next arcade cabinet for its Arcade1Up line of games. NFL Blitz Legends will be an officially licensed game that has also been remastered. It contains official legends such as Dan Marino, Cris Carter and Deion Sanders along with hundreds of other players. Arcade1Up has also revealed to go along with the current NFL safety guidelines, that it has removed some tackles and afterplay animations, but there are still 84% of the brutal hits in the game. Players can expect wi-fi, a 49-way directional joystick, a light-up marquee, a riser to increase the height, and four player live controls. The cabinet includes NFL Blitz, Blitz 99 and Blitz 2000: Gold Edition. It will start shipping in early October and retails for $699.