Armored Core Board Game Gets a Name Change

Last month a Kickstarter campaign was launched for a board game version of the mech game series Armored Core. Bad Crow Games is the team behind this project and after raising $221,000 three times as much of their $75,000 goal, the publisher has decided to drop the Armored Core brand from the game. Why? Yesterday, the president of Bad Crow Games, Aaron Gabrielson, released the news to the backers and left a quote in regards to the change.

“The license holders for the game franchise have final approval authority over everything that is produced. We have reason to be concerned that our planned stretch rewards and other game content will be delayed as it goes through a complex approval process. We also underestimated the degree of miscommunication caused by the language barrier as we work with the license holders in Japan. the new name will be Mech Command RTS.”

The game was originally called Armored Core RTS and was described to capture the speed of the game and flow compressed in 20 minute sessions. Gabrielson assures that the name change won’t have affect how the game plays. It’s still going on as it was intended, the change was just in name only.