Armored Core Gets a Collector’s Edition, Includes a Mini Mech

Giant mechanical tanks zipping about a battlefield with boosters, ballistics and a general assortment of weaponry befit for a small army are awesome, no doubt. Armored Core is a series that focuses entirely on this concept, providing players the opportunity to pilot these mechanized death-dealers to their heart’s content. Armored Core: Verdict Day is the upcoming installment in the long-running franchise, and though a date has not been announced for the inevitable Western release, Japanese audiences can expect to get the game in the clutches this coming fall. The most devout fan, however, will want to snatch up the freshly announced limited edition version of the game which looks spectacularly tantalizing.

Developer FromSoftware has put together this fancy package that includes a copy of the game, a visual & parts book, original soundtrack and to top it off a tiny ACVD figure. This hefty edition will come at a premium, running about $100 more than the standard version, but the truest of AC loyalists out there will no doubt eat this up. It’s unlikely, given the niche following of the series here in North America, that we Westerners will see this limited edition package, or anything even remotely close to it, so importers should get on the ball and pick up a copy of it as launches alongside the game September 26.