ARMS – New Animations and Scrap Yard Stage

The latest reveal from the ARMS twitter includes a brand new animation and a level that was seen briefly during the NicoNico live event, now revealed to be Mechanica’s main stage. This new level is known as the Scrap Yard and features various metal platforms making up the multiple levels of the stage, complete with warning tape running around the edge of the arena. The Scrap Yard also features various tall pillars that players can hide behind, but will be destroyed after taking damage.

In a brief animation sequence posted on twitter, players got to see more of the friendly side of the ARMS fighters as it depicts Mechanica soaring through the air while Min Min hangs on for the ride. It wasn’t specified if this animation will actually pop up during gameplay, but might relate to some co-op element of ARMS.

You can check out the new Scrap Yard stage screenshot below with a short gameplay segment here and get a peek at the new animation featuring Mechanica and Min Min right here!