Art of Rally Release Date Announced

Funselektor has been crafting racing games for quite some time now, with Absolute Drift offering up a challenging minimalist experience five years ago. They’ve been working on a stunning rally racing game for years called Art of Rally that tees you go from the ’60s through the ’90s with many of the genre’s most iconic vehicles. The game features a stunning and highly-stylized art style that has high detail in things like weather effects, but an almost-painted look to the world and the vehicles.

Colors pop off the screen and it’s a never-ending advertisement for having a high-end gaming monitor, or playing on a TV with HDR supported. The soundtrack is also worth noting as it’s super-cheerful and catchy, and sounds like it would be right at home in a Sega classic from the ’80s or ’90s or a more recent gem like Horizon Chase Turbo. We’ll see just how good it is when Art of Rally hits the PC on September 23 via both Steam and GOG, where you can get the game in a DRM-free format. The great thing with GOG is that you can still launch the EXE with Steam if you prefer some of its features, like screenshot support.