Artistic Adventure Concrete Genie Draws Up Fall Release Window

Developer PixelOpus’ new game Concrete Genie turned a few heads when it was first revealed in 2017. The unique action/adventure game’s focus on crating colorful graffiti designs that spring to life certainly looks fun, but it seems to also be subject to delays. Late last year, we reported that Concrete Genie was aiming for a Q1 2019 release window. Unfortunately, it looks like it’ll be missing that as well. A new story trailer from Sony’s first State of Play presentation now has it marked for Fall 2019. Still, as seen in the clip below, it should hopefully be worth the wait.

The story of Concrete Genie centers around our hero, a teenager and artist named Ash. Things aren’t exactly going well for him, what with bullies harassing him and ripping up his sketchbook. But things pick up when he finds magic brush capable of bringing his murals to life. With it, he sets out a plan to rejuvenate his abandoned home town and get rid of the pollution plaguing it. But those bullies are still going to be an issue, along with other dark forces that seem to be related to the brush. Concrete Genie is due out this Fall for the PS4 (assuming there are no more delays), and may be a potential hidden gem for the console.

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