Asagao Academy: Normal Boots Club Lets You Date Youtubers

We here at Hardcore Gamer are no stranger to unorthodox dating sims, but Asagao Academy is definitely an oddity.

Asagao Academy is a free fan-made dating sim/visual novel featuring various Youtube content creators in an anime-esque school setting. The potential love interests include famed Youtube gamers from the Normal Boots team like JonTron, PeanutButterGamer, the cast of Continue?, Did You Know Gaming?, Satchbag’s Goods, ProJared and The Completionist.

asagao academy cast

The game is pioneered by Illus Seed, led by Cara Hillstock, who teamed up with fellow fans and friends of the Normal Boots team to provide an original dating sim featuring the various Normal Boots personalities. Original artwork and soundtrack are set for inclusion.

While the game will be free upon release, the game is currently being funded on Kickstarter with backer rewards and potential stretch goals. Stretch goals include alternate endings, an achievement system, a male lead, and even voice work from the Normal Boots team themselves.

If you ever wanted to date a famous Youtube video maker, this might be your virtual dream come true. Visit the game’s Kickstarter page to contribute to this bizarre little fan project.