Ascending Tides Washes Onto The Elder Scrolls Online

Annual updates with massive new storylines are business as usual for The Elder Scrolls Online. The first DLC for 2022 called Ascending Tide is now available for PC/MAC and Stadia. Ascending Tide will be available for PlayStation and Xbox consoles on March 29. Two PvE dungeons in help kick off the year’s event. Shipwright’s Regret and Coral Aerie are the new areas to prepare players for the things to come in the High Isle Chapter. The DLC opens with a daring rescue Jakarn from the mysterious Ascendant Order and will partner with Captain Kaleen for a raid of the Coral Aerie. In Shipyard’s Regret players will discover an abandoned haunted shipyard which is said to be the largest fleet in Tamriel’s history. The once great navy is now wreckage that has been overrun with the undead. The Ascending Tide DLC can be purchased through the in-game Crown Store and will unlock automatically for all ESO Plus subscribers.