Ashes of Singularity to Receive Massive 3.0 Update

The RTS game Ashes of Singularity remains as a tried and true traditional RTS. Stardock has announced that the version 3.0 update, coming on February 4, will no doubt change the game. This will overhaul the balance of the game with nothing being untouched. This includes units, buildings, orbital abilities and more. The update will also bring a new benchmark, performance optimizations and major improvements to visual effects. Lastly, players can expect new maps, campaign adjustments and more with this update. You can read our review of Ashes of Singularity here.

“Game balance is constantly a work in progress,” said Brian Clair, the VP of Publishing for Stardock who worked extensively on the update. “This version is huge – our major focus was to completely overhaul the game balance and optimize performance.”

“GPUs and CPUs are constantly evolving,” said Clair. “We wanted to make sure that the benchmark evolved with it. We removed redundant units and armies, revised to show more unit types, and updated camera views and positions for an overall better look.”

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