Asphalt 9: Legends Coming to Switch Next Month

Gameloft has had great success in the mobile realm – but hasn’t done much in the console space. The PS3 saw the release of a Modern Combat game, while the Switch has seen the fifth entry in that series in a modified format. The console versions generally take out microtransactions in favor of a lump fee to get a ton of content, and that will hold true for Asphalt 9. For the first time, the Asphalt series will hit a home console and be released on a portable gaming device for the first time since the Vita’s launch in 2012.

Asphalt 8, 9, and the Motorstorm-esque Xtreme are all available on the Windows Store as well. This means that playing the games with a control already comes pretty naturally, and being on Switch means that you can enjoy the games both on a TV and on the go. You can pre-load the game now via the eShop and also buy the starter pack. This gets you blueprints for a variety of high end cars alongside a ton of in-game credits – so it’s basically a time-saver pack. The Switch has some arcade-style games already, like Out Run itself and Horizon Chase Turbo, but nothing on the system quite plays like Burnout – and this is about as close to Burnout as you’re going to get on the Switch for the time being.