Assembling Food-Type Outputs With Robo-Love in Automachef Reveal Trailer

Conveyor belts are the linchpin of the automated world.  Sure, the various robot arms and other assembly devices are all very nice, but how do you get the pieces from one to station to the next in a perfectly-timed dance of automated construction without some type of movement system?  The alternative is people, and the whole point of automation is to dispense with the difficult sacks of unprofitable neediness that make up humanity.  Getting money out of people is one thing but paying them as an ongoing expense is another thing entirely, and the one-time purchase of a machine can eliminate any number of jobs.  All those fancy devices are useless, however, without a system of conveyance to unite the various outputs into a functioning whole, and that’s as true of food preparation as it is any other manufacturing system.  Cars and burgers are the same from an automation standpoint, with the only difference being materials used in assembly.

Automachef is a game about assembling burgers and many other food-type products that are guaranteed to be fit for human consumption.  Set up machines, give them instructions, link them all together with a sea of conveyor belts, and let them produce whatever their human customers can dream of.  Provided those dreams are accounted for within the system, of course.  Automachef was announced today with a launch trailer edited by human-like hand-based devices, so give it a look below.  The algorithm has determined it to be 100% entertaining.