Assetto Corza Competizione Trailer Showcases Console Release

Assetto Corsa first hit the gaming scene in 2014 thanks to early access and set out to be the definitive racing simulation on the market. With franchises like Gran Turismo taking extended breaks and the Forza Motorsport series growing more arcade-centric, there was a lack of true simulation-based racers. The original game hit consoles in August of 2016 and brought back that feeling of having to work for every victory, while offering up top-shelf graphics and a redone UI that was better-optimized for controllers. It was a must-play for anyone who wanted a tough, but fair racing game that aimed to make you learn the tracks and vehicles.

Two years ago, its follow-up Competizione hit PC via early access on Steam and is now playable on the Xbox One and PS4. Everything that worked about the original game is back — with the addition of night races and improvements to things like motion capture for trackside movement. Competizione shifted the focus to being a GT World Challenge simulation and early buyers of the console release will get the Intercontinental GT Challenge Pack for free instead of getting it on July 23 for $14.99.

Assetto Corza Competizione is a challenging, but rewarding simulation racing experience. Compared to things like Forza, it offers up a stiffer challenge but with that comes a great understanding of the science behind racing. Assetto Corza Competizione is available on both the Xbox One and PS4 in physical and digital formats for $39.99 and it’s worth a shot for those wanting something a bit different from the norm in racing games. There’s nothing out there that replicates GT World racing.