Astroneer Readying Launch Onto the Wilds of the PS4

The universe is an immense and unending thing, which is why it’s probably better to stick to a solar system when it comes to in-depth exploration.  A single planet is a network of interconnected biomes, and even small ones have room for immense variety.  Add in caves, mysteries, moons, base building, research, and even a journey to the planetary cores and there’s more than enough to keep someone busy for a good long time.  The bubble-headed explorers of Astroneer have been trekking through a seven-planet solar system for several years now, starting in Early Access and just leaving it in February of this year, and with a good number of content updates since then it’s time to explore a new console.

The PS4 version was announced today for release on November 14, and it comes with an exclusive spacesuit whose helmet is a clever nod to the PS4 controller.  In addition to the spacesuit, all versions of Astroneer (PS4, Xbox, and PC) are getting the Explorer update, with existing versions receiving it September 4 and the PS4 one having it on day of launch.  The Explorer update adds a pile of new items, including a camera for player photography, plus the incredibly useful jetpack.  Astroneer has been building an enthusiastic fan-base since it initially launched back in 2016.  If you haven’t had a crack at it yet check out the PS4 trailer below to get a sense of what the interplanetary fuss is all about.

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