Atari Pulls Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 From Steam, Delists It From GoG

As of today, Atari has pulled Roller Coaster Tycoon 3: Platinum from Steam and delisted it from Good Old Games. The game’s Steam page is still up, but users are no longer able to purchase the game. Gamers looking to experience the Roller Coaster Tycoon games aren’t completely out of luck; Roller Coaster Tycoon: Classic, Roller Coaster Tycoon: Deluxe and Roller Coaster Tycoon 2: Triple Thrill Pack are all still available for users to purchase.

According to a post on the Good Old Games general forum, Atari’s decision to quietly pull Roller Coaster Tycoon 3: Platinum may have something to do with expiring license rights. All hope for the game isn’t lost yet though, as Good Old Games is currently in talks with the current rights-holders to reinstate the game on their service.