AtGames Teases Legends Ultimate Racer Sitdown Cabinet

AtGames has upped their game with recent hardware and now they’re set to try something new – a multi-game cabinet focusing on arcade racers. They recently unveiled more of their Legends line – including Ultimate Arcade and Legends Ultimate Pinball – and now the Legends Ultimate Racer will have a variety of pre-installed classics alongside support for connected PC games including Forza Motorsport 7, Project Cars 2, Need For Speed Hot Pursuit, F1 2020, and My Summer Car. A release date hasn’t been announced, nor has a game lineup. However, some titles shown included Daytona USA, Hard Drivin, Chase HQ, and Horizon Chase Turbo.  Whether those all wind up being playable on the device natively remains to be seen – but it would be cool to have this kind of variety playable in a single cabinet.