Atlus Releases New Conception II Screenshots and Pre-Order Bonuses

What, you don’t even know what Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars is? That’s a shame. Because if you were aware that it’s a sequel to a turn-based JRPG centered around making babies, then you’d probably be excited — especially about today’s news. But, since you don’t know what it is, then we guess we’ll have to take the time to let you in on what this post is all about. Just be sure to hang your head in embarrassment while you read this, as a type of punishment for not being on the up and up regarding good Japanese roleplaying games.

Nevertheless, Conception II is a game wherein your goal is to charm innocent girls from Granvania National Star God Academy, make them like you, then produce what are called “Star Children” in order to take those very kids on exploits with you, not excluding dungeon delving and combating devilish monstrosities and unthinkably horrible baddies. In other words, you procreate with females you stalk and lure win over and then take your offspring into battle with you. It’s a rather bizarre premise, we know, but somehow it translates to a pretty fantastic RPG experience. Conception II is, of course, the sequel to a PSP game that was released only in Japan last year. While publisher ATLUS revealed a release window not too long ago, they haven’t given up any further detals on the game’s launch. That changed today, though.

Earlier ATLUS announced that their forthcoming RPG will be getting the typical, but no less royal treatment when it comes to physical releases. In their announcement, they pulled the curtain back on pre-order bonsues for folks looking to throw their cash down on the game prior to its launch. Doing so will net gamers special edition box art and a 10-song soundtrack arrangement composed by Masato Kouda. While this doesn’t sound all that extravagant, considering the fact that this pre-order edition costs absolutely no more than the standard release, it’s kind of a steal. If nothing else, that box itself is worth the effort of ordering the game in advance.

Outside of the order bonuses, ATLUS also revealed some new screenshots and story details, the former of which can be scoped below. Conception II: Children of the Seven Stars hits North American shores sometime next year for 3DS and PS Vita.