Audio Trip Launching on Quest With New Song and Choreography Contest

The nice thing about dancing like nobody’s watching is that, when you’ve got a VR headset on, how are you to know?  Unless they’re laughing at you, of course, but then it’s easily fixed by strapping them in and seeing how well they do against an endless stream of orange and purple crystals that, when followed properly, contort the body into a choreographed dance routine.  Audio Trip came out last year as one of the nicer surprises in VR, with some fantastic note tracks and incredibly vigorous actions to go with its high-energy soundtrack.  It’s had a few updates since launch but, for the most part, time has been spent on bringing the game over from its PC origin to the Oculus Quest.  That version is launching on May 7, cross-buy if you’ve already got it on the Quest store for the Rift, and to celebrate there’s a few new goodies to go with it.

First up is a new track, outfitted with a shiny new environment to dance through.  You can preview Tolan’s Golden Pineapple at Youtube or Spotify, although both are 2:41 long so it seems likely there will be an extended version for a more thorough workout in the game.  The other news is a choreography contest, where you can put the level editor to work creating your own moves for the new song, complete with nice $1000 payout for the lucky skilled winner.  Coming up next for Audio Trip now that the Quest version is complete will be more new songs and other features, released at a zippier pace than before.  There’s more dancing to come, and now you can follow along without wires if you’ve got the Quest to work it.  There’s no new trailer to go with the announcement, so check out some PAX South footage from back in January instead.