August Xbox Game Pass Titles Announced

Whether you’re looking to drive, shoot or jump, this upcoming month’s slate of free titles for Xbox Game Pass has got you covered.

Originally an Xbox One launch exclusive, Dead Rising 3 is returning to Microsoft’s platform next month as a Game Pass title, and bringing plenty of zombie-murdering weapons with it. Dirt Rally will also be included, for those looking to step off the beaten path and aren’t afraid to get a little messy. If you’re not interested in that whole 3D fad, check out the critically acclaimed sidescroller Limbo, the nostalgic shoot-em-up Metal Slug XX, the charming yet surprisingly dark So Many Me, or the futuristic arcade title Ultratron. The final title in August’s Game Pass lineup is Pharaonic, which takes players back to ancient Egypt in a combat RPG, featuring plenty of enemies to loot and bosses to overcome.

All of the above titles will be available on August 1 for Xbox Game Pass subscribers. For more on some of these games, check out our reviews of Dead Rising 3, Dirt Rally and So Many Me.