Avalanche Studios Teases Just Cause 3 Maybe Possibly

Best known for the wildly popular and critical acclaimed Just Cause series, Avalanche Studios tweeted an image this week that set the gaming world abuzz.  It has been known for a while that they have been in the process of developing three different games. The first two are based on either comic book or movie licenses, while the third is the mysteriously titled “Project Mamba.” We might have finally received some clue as to the identity of this mystery title, as Avalanche Studio founder Cristofer Sundberg tweeted the following image.


This photo, apparently captured with his Verizon flip phone, is the only clue we have received thus far, but that hasn’t stopped wild speculation on the part of gamers as to what its identity might be. Multiple sites have guessed that this might be the first screenshot for the much anticipated Just Cause 3, as the object in his left hand looks suspiciously like the iconic grappling hook used in the previous titles. Other popular guesses so far seem to be some sort of Road Rage revival (because there’s a motorcycle?) or even a Mad Max licensed game (because there’s a desert?), but the truth is this could be some entirely new IP all together.

Of course, the photo is of dubious quality so we can’t really tell what is going on at all. It does look a bit like the iconic grappling hook, but the whole photo is blurry so it could just be a guy holding a pair of salad tongs. This might be the first screenshot for their competitive salad tossing game, Just Cobbs. Either way, we’ll keep you updated as more information becomes available and will hopefully have some new images that don’t look like they were taken from a moving vehicle.