Axiom Verge ‘Coming Home’ to Wii U This September

It’s been a long time coming, but game developer Thomas Happ has at last given Wii U owners a date for last year’s delightfully Metroidvania-influenced title, Axiom Verge. As you might have guessed, the game will see its release on a Nintendo platform at the beginning of next month, September 1 to be exact. Happ goes on in his update, stating that it “feels like coming home” and that it was the Nintendo games of old that are what inspired him to make what many would argue is one of the best Metroidvania-esque titles for some time.

“For so many reasons, Axiom Verge truly belongs on a Nintendo platform.” Happ explains. “It was only because of Blitworks’ amazing technical skill that we were able to make that happen, and I’m grateful for their work on the pixel-perfect port. Even though the game’s been out for a little while on other systems, the Wii U version is probably the best one.”

The Wii U release will see support for leaderboards in the game’s dedicated Speedrun Mode as well as the option to use the GamePad to have the world map viewable at all times without pausing the game. An off-TV mode will also come bundled for those who wish to play solely with the GamePad. You can check out what we thought of Axiom Verge when it originally released in our review here.