Azubu Officially Transitions to 3.0

Streaming site Azubu is officially transitioning to their new 3.0 platform.

If you’re into streaming video games and aren’t a professional gamer there was only one site that allowed you to do so in Now, as part of their new platform Azubu is allowing everyone to take part. Here some of the changes as part of their new update:

  • Open Platform- Everybody can stream alongside the pros on the site.
  • New Video Player – The new video player loads faster and offers less delay during the stream.
  • Modules – Movable, resizable, and customizable tiles under your stream that allow viewers to get to know you better.
  • My Azubu – The ability to set up your homepage and dashboard using the modular system.
  • 24/7 support – If something has gone wrong on your stream or during setup tech support is vailable 24/7 in English, Korean, and Portuguese with more languages coming soon.

So, if you’re interested in streaming there seems to be a “new” site in town vying for your participation. For a list of all the changes you can head here as they guide you through everything. If you’re interested in seeing the old site versus the new site you can go visit the and, respectively.