Back 4 Blood Launches on Xbox, PlayStation Consoles, PC

Turtle Rock Studios crafted the original Left 4 Dead and gave the industry a framework that many have tried to copy – but none of truly succeeded. Games like Evolve tried to stray far from what made L4D work, and missed the mark while Back 4 Blood aims to modernize the core experience for a new generation. Those looking for a core L4D experience will be right at home, but the shooting mechanics are smoother than ever before and gunplay is more rewarding as a result.

Weapon variety is high, with handguns, shotguns, and SMGs available to add some variety to mowing down zombies en masse.┬áBack 4 Blood is available on the Xbox One, Xbox Series consoles, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC, alongside mobile devices and browsers via Game Pass Ultimate’s Cloud Streaming. As that implies, Back 4 Blood is also available for Game Pass users on either PC or Xbox One/Series devices.

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