Bang-On Balls: Chronicles Gets Monstrous Pirate-Themed Expansion Today

Exit Plan Games’ and Untold Tales’ ball-based sandbox platformer is getting large influx of content today in the form of a free expansion themed around pirates and mischief on the high seas. Scattered islands filled with treasure, deep sea monsters, new enemies wielding voodoo magic and ships of all types and creeds are all added in this expansion, and it’s all contained within a massive brand new map.

In particular, the Pirate expansion adds new missions, bosses, collectibles, customization options, locations and events to Bang-On Balls: Chronicles, and most of that content can be enjoyed either solo or cooperatively with up to four players. There are some special secrets, events and boss encounters that can only be triggered in co-op though, so it’s probably worthwhile to gather up some friends if possible.

Bang-On Balls: Chronicles is currently available on PC via Steam.