Batman: Arkham Knight Anime Skin Exclusive to WBPlay Members

Emails are reportedly getting sent by WB Games promoting a special exclusive character skin for Batman: Arkham Knight solely for members of the WBPlay service (similar to UPlay or EA Access). Logging into your WBPlay account through Batman: Arkham Knight will let you net this skin.

The skin, aptly titled “Anime Batman”, seems to be based on the Gotham Knight anthology, which was animated in a style similar to Japanese anime.

batman anime full

That being said, this “anime” skin isn’t the most authentic Batman skin we’ve seen. Doesn’t look much like the Gotham Knight design, nor is it easy on the eyes. But if you’re a WBPlay member, you’ll be able to play as Anime Batman in Arkham Knight. We probably would’ve preferred this Japanese Batman as a skin.