Battle Bands – Rock and Roll Deckbuilder Gets Free Steam Demo

Deckbuilders have become an “in” thing since Slay the Spire showed how fast-paced and fun the genre can be – but there isn’t really anything out there in the genre outside of a fantasy setting. That can hold the genre back a bit since some like the idea of a deckbuilder, but want a more modern setting. Enter Battle Bands: Rock and Roll Deckbuilder – which aims to merge a more modern rock band setting with a Slay the Spire gameplay style. There’s also a multiplayer elements to it as well with co-op action available allowing for campaigns and tournament play as well. Players can customize their band’s look, gear, and even their van.

The free demo is available until October 8 and allows players to enjoy from either play with the guitar, bass, keyboard, or drums and take out rivals with tactical riffs. The demo features four player co-op and allows the users to tackle four boss battles as well. We’ll be keeping a close eye on Battle Bands as its release draws closer and if you dig the demo, be sure to wishlist it. The full game is set for a release sometime this year – so it’s not too far off.