Battlefield 1 Premium Details, Ultimate Edition Revealed

Battlefield 1 is getting a Premium Pass and an Ultimate Edition, and the details have arrived.

EA has gone live with the $49.99 Premium Pass and $129.99 Ultimate Edition on Origin. Both are now available for purchase, and we have some details on what players are getting for the high-entry prices.

Despite a growing number of games abandoning paid map packs, including EA’s upcoming Titanfall 2, Battlefield 1’s Premium service will once again be made up of map packs. There will be four themed expansion packs that will, in total, give players 16 new maps (four per pack), elite classes, 20 new weapons, and two-weeks of early access. Additionally, players will get 14 Battlefield 1 Battlepacks and dog tags. The first DLC map pack, They Shall Not Pass, adds the French army and arrives March 2017.

The $129.99 Ultimate Edition comes with all the extras found in the Early Enlister Edition with the Premium Pass also thrown in. Much like the Early Enlister Edition, the Ultimate Edition will launch October 18, three days earlier than the standard edition.

Battlefield 1 is out October 21 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The Battlefield 1 Open Beta kicks-off August 31.