Battlefield 2018 Reveal Date Announced Through Battlefield 1 Easter Egg

EA and DICE have laid a trail of breadcrumbs to the announcement of Battlefield 2018.

DICE is well known for hiding Easter Eggs within it’s Battlefield maps. Whether it be megaladons or T-Rex roars, the developer is good at giving players something good to hunt for. The latest Easter Egg, however, has led to the reveal date for Battlefield 2018.

A trail of breadcrumbs on the map ‘Fort de Vaux’ leads players into a mysterious room where they can interact with valves that release a drip of water. Fans have discovered that the drips are actually Morse code that reveal the message, “On May 23, Battlefield will never be the same.” The Easter Egg also includes a link that leads to an EA¬†website displaying the date, May 23, along with #battlefield. Credit to the Battlefield 1 Easter Egg Discord for discovering this Easter Egg.

Battlefield 2018 is set to launch this October on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Much speculation has been made about the game’s settings and features, specifically whether or not the game would take place during World War II and if it would feature a Battle Royale mode. All we really know at this point is that the game will feature a campaign and that DICE is aiming to change up the formula. How they do this is anyone’s guess at this point.

Be sure to check back May 23 for the reveal of Battlefield 2018.