Battlefield 4 Game-Types (and Player-Counts) Revealed

In today’s Official Battlefield Blog update, all seven of the game’s Match-Types were revealed and detailed. They’re what you’d expect for the most part, but there are a few surprises.

  • Conquest – The classic Battlefield game-type. Two teams of thirty-two (twelve on last-gen hardware) are pit against each other in a tug-of-war for capturable control points that are scattered across the map. You’ll find that all sorts of vehicles are available in this mode.


  • Domination – This is an affair very similar to conquest, in fact, it’s almost identical. Only in this mode, it’s condensed to two teams of ten that fight against each other for the control points. This mode also uses only a portion of the conquest map, and includes no vehicles.


  • Obliteration – This is the first of two game-modes that are exclusive to Battlefield 4. At the beginning of the match, a bomb will randomly spawn in the map. The two teams of sixteen (twelve on last-gen consoles) then fight to get to the bomb, and have to run it to one of the opposing team’s three objectives, and then wait for it to detonate. There’s no set “defensive” or “offensive” team. Each team has the same goal, and apparently the game-type gets pretty hectic.


  • Defuse – The second-and-final new game-mode is very reminiscent of Counter-Strike. One team of five has a bomb, and the other has to defend their two objectives. Each player only has one life, with the chance of being revived once. Either team can win by exterminating their opponents, or the bomb-carrying team can blow-up one of their opponent’s objectives.


  • Team Deathmatch – You know the drill, two teams of ten, shooting at each other.


  • Rush – Very similar to Defuse in that it’s attackers vs defenders. One team of sixteen (twelve on last-gen consoles) has to defend their six M-COM stations (two at a time), while the other attempts to destroy them. When two M-COM stations are destroyed, the map opens up, the defenders retreat, and two more M-COM stations are available for attacking. It’s a best-of-three mode, with both teams switching places between matches.


  • Squad Deathmatch – A significantly more hectic affair than Team Deathmatch, Squad Deathmatch sets four teams of five against each other. As such, you have a lot more enemies than you do team-mates.

All of the game-modes sound pretty fun, but if my career in Battlefield 3 was any indication, I’ll probably stick to primarily playing Conquest. Obliteration and Defuse sound like nice additions to the mix, but it’s hard to beat the mode that made the Battlefield series so popular. It’s also worth noting that both Conquest and Domination will be available to play on the map “Siege of Shanghai” during the game’s Beta which starts October 1st.

Battlefield 4 releases for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC on October 29th, PS4 on November 15th, and for Xbox ONE on November 22nd.