Battlefield Hardline: Criminal Activity DLC Weapons Detailed

Visceral Games has released brand new details about the new weapons coming to Battlefield Hardline. There are a total of three weapons in the DLC with a fourth weapon being released for free.

Criminal Activity is all about fast-paced, infantry combat. As such, all three new weapons belong to the Enforcer class. That’s right, Criminal Activity will not feature any new weapons for the other three classes. There will also be two new weapon attachments added into the game. Finally, a brand new sub-machine gun will be added to the game for everyone to use. Here’s a breakdown of the new weapons:

  • Pump Action Bullpup Shotgun – A new weapon for the cops. It can hold 14 rounds and is perfect for those looking for a little bit more range from their shotguns. It can also be equipped with the new Breaching Rounds, which have the ability to disable doors trapped with Sabotage or a Trip Mine
  • Battle Rifle – A new weapon for the criminal faction. It fires 7.62MM X 51MM rounds, giving it amazing stopping power and range. Perfect for mid-to-long range combat, this classic Battle Rifle is very deadly when played on maps with big, open areas. This weapon can be equipped with the new AP Tracer Rounds, which allow you to deal greater damage to armored targets.
  • Assault Rifle – The Enforcer class is getting its own Assault Rifle. This cop weapon has a slower rate of fire than the Battle Rifles, but makes up for it with lower recoil. The magazine comes equipped with 24 rounds that increases to 25 should you perform a tactical reload.
  • Submachine Gun – This weapon will be available for everyone to use. Described as a throwback weapon, this weapon can be used by cops and criminals on any class. It has a slow rate of fire, but is very easy to control. The downside is that there are limited options for customization.

Battlefield Hardline: Criminal Activity is set for release sometime in June. Premium subscribers get access to the content two weeks before it’s available for purchase.