Battlefield V Support Winds Down with One Final Standalone Update

DICE has signaled an end to support for Battlefield V with one final standalone update.

The journey through World War II appears to have been cut short. Despite a promise to see the war to its end through it’s live service, Battlefield V is ending without including major battles. These include the Allies invasion of Normandy, the Russian front, and the fall of Berlin.

In a blog post about the future of Battlefield V, Senior Producer Ryan McArthur revealed there would be one more standalone update for Battlefield V. Releasing in June, the update includes new content, weapons, and game tweaks. A new map based in Libya was teased. However, beyond June, it appears that DICE’s focus on Battlefield V lies with the anti-cheat team.

It’s a disappointing turn of events in a long line of disappointment. Despite finding large amounts of success with Battlefield 4 and Battlefield 1, Battlefield V felt hobbled from the start. Whether it be the lackluster reveal, controversy, lack of content, lack of responsiveness from DICE, or the continuous delays, Battlefield V never found its footing in today’s world. Despite the doom and gloom over Battlefield V, DICE’s other title, Star Wars Battlefront II, is still going strong.

DICE is currently developing the next entry in the Battlefield franchise for next-gen consoles. Hopefully, it works out better next time.