Battlefield V’s Final Update Lands Tomorrow

DICE today revealed everything coming in the final update for Battlefield V.

Battlefield V’s support comes to an end tomorrow morning, June 4, with a final content drop. While it is depressing that we won’t ever see iconic World War II locations on the western, eastern, and Pacific fronts, this final update does appear quite large. It includes two new maps, nine new weapons, six vehicles, five gadgets, and three grenade types.

The first maps is Al Marj Encampment. Set in Libya, this infantry-only map features plenty of spots for close-quarters and ranged engagements. It supports Conquest, Breakthrough, Squad Conquest, and Team Deathmatch. The second map is a redesign of the previously released Provence. The map is now bigger to include support for Conquest and Breakthrough. It still supports Team Deathmatch and other small game modes.

Al Marj and Provence will feature the U.S. going against Germany, the first two maps in the game to do so. Twister Steel and Panzerstorm will also be updated to replace the British troops with American ones.

As for the new weapons, gadgets, and grenade types, players can unlock them right away as login rewards over the next few weeks. After the month wraps up, you’ll need to spend Company Coin to unlock them. The new weapons are the Sjögren Shotgun (Support), Chauchat (Support), M3 Infrared (Recon), K31/43 (Recon), Welgun (Medic), M1941 Johnson (Assault), PPK/PPK Suppressed (all classes), M1911 Suppressed (all classes), and Welrod (all classes).

Battlefield V is available now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.