Battlefront II Gets New Crait Map in First Patch of 2018

The newest patch for Star Wars: Battlefront II is on its way and includes a new version of the Crait map from The Last Jedi, as well as a new hero ship, some minor bug fixes and balancing tweaks, according to a forum post on Tuesday on the Battlefront website.

The popular Blast game mode will make its way to the Crait map, which if you’re familiar with how the game mode works, will take a smaller portion of the map and pit both teams in a no-vehicle, straight up team-deathmatch. The sectioned off portion of the bigger map they’ve chosen are the underground mines with all of the stalagmites and stalactites as well as the mining equipment.

Patch 1.1 will also bring Iden Versio’s TIE Fighter into the mix. It’s got Afterburner, the common speed boost ability found in a lot of the starfighters throughout the game. It also has a rapid fire Laser Barrage, Dual Proton Torpedoes that track their targets and a new ability called Inferno Leader, which reveals nearby enemies to friendly players and increases the damage dealt to all enemies who’ve been spotted. Versio’s TIE also comes with a myriad of Star Cards that are applicable to her ship. You can see they’re official descriptions here:

  • Engine Heat Dissipator – Decreases the AFTERBURNER cooldown
  • Advanced Torpedoes – Increases DUAL PROTON TORPEDO damage
  • Vengeful Barrage – Increases the damage of LASER BARRAGE
  • Flight Commander – Increases the duration of INFERNO LEADER
  • Reinforced Hull – Increases the total health of the starfighter
  • Tuned Lasers – Increases primary weapon damage
  • Advanced Capacitors – Improves the primary weapons resistance to overheating
  • Repair Systems – Reduces the delay before health regeneration begins
  • Elite Pilot – Increases the turn rate of the starfighter
  • Engine Upgrade – Increases the top speed and how quickly the starfighter can accelerate and decelerate

Her ship will also have a set of milestones that are achievable by pulling off certain tasks or stunts in game. Their descriptions are down below:

  • Rapid Assault – Used Iden Versio’s TIE/LN fighter AFTERBURNER ability 25 times
  • Precision Strike – Achieve 25 DUAL PROTON TORPEDO kills with Iden Versio’s TIE/LN Fighter
  • Hope Cannot Save Them – Achieve 25 LASER BARRAGE kills with Iden Versio’s TIE/LN Fighter
  • Avenge Our Emperor – Use Iden Versio’s TIE/LN Fighter INFERNO LEADER ability 25 times

A few changes to some of the heroes, including Finn, Captain Phasma and Lando Calrissian, will be made to balance them out, and a few more updates will be made to the regular soldiers as well. For all of the minute details, be sure to check out the patch notes on Battlefront II’s official forum.

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