Bayonetta 3 Finally Re-Emerges With New Gameplay Trailer

Well, it had to happen eventually and today during Nintendo’s latest Direct-style presentation, PlatinumGames’ very own Umbra Witch, Bayonetta, made her Switch debut for the much-anticipated third instalment in the beloved hack-and-slash series. After nearly a whopping four years of dead silence — following on from its initial announcement way back at The Game Awards in 2017 — following on from the rather substantial gameplay reveal of Atlus’ own Shin Megami Tensei V back in June of this year, this was perhaps the one Switch exclusive that fans were clambering to see (or at least hear) more of at some point.

And thankfully, fans got their wish with the title’s first slice of gameplay in the below trailer. No release date sadly, but as Platinum have recently done with trailers for games such as Sol Cresta, it didn’t stop them from having a little interactive and destructive fun with the numeric declaration itself. Topped up with a brief tease of a character whom, if you look close enough, bears somewhat of a resemblance to the protgaonist from Platinum’s cancelled title, Scalebound. What does this mean, if anything? We’ll have to wait and see.