Before the Storm Actor Praises Deck Nine for Keeping ‘True to the Life Is Strange World’

Developer Deck Nine is making Life Is Strange: Before the Storm “true to the Life Is Strange world and its spirit,” says Rhianna DeVries.

Taking part in an AMA on the Life Is Strange subreddit, Chloe Price’s voice actor praised Deck Nine for its work and commitment on Before the Storm.

Rhianna DeVries

Rhianna DeVries, the actor behind Chloe Price in Life Is Strange: Before the Storm. Credit: Square Enix

“I truly think that you could ask anyone at Deck Nine how much they love and care about Before the Storm and Life Is Strange, as a whole, and they’d all say hella,” DeVries said in response to a user’s question.

“Everyone on this project has a connection and is a fan of Life Is Strange, and they work their a**** off to make sure that that love shows.”

Dontnod Entertainment worked on Life Is Strange, which was released in 2015, while Deck Nine is developing Before the Storm.

During the AMA, DeVries said that taking on the role of Chloe, who was previously voiced by Ashly Burch, was “Freaking terrifying.”

Before the Storm was first announced at E3 2017 and is a prequel to Life Is Strange. It consists of three episodes and shifts the focus of the story from Max Caulfield to Chloe.

Life Is Strange: Before the Storm’s first episode, Awake, is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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